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Family Owned and Operated

Since 1920

The Maravetti family has been paving roadways, driveways, bridges, lots and industrial sites for over a century. Our expertise is passed down from generation to generation ensuring long lasting quality workmanship. Ralph Maravetti established Maravetti Asphalt Paving, ...Read More




"We do it right the first time. Every time."

- Daniel Maravetti 


Customer Satisfaction

"Real success takes knowledge, experience and patience."

- Ralph Maravetti 

Our Relationships are Everything

Our long lasting relationships have been the most integral part of our organization since day one. 

Commercial Paving

We work with companies large and small to deliver excellent quality commercial pavement services for retail lots, municipalities, HOA associations and more!

Residential Paving

Keeping tour driveway in tip top condition is a great way to maintain or improve your home's value, keep your cars clean, and cause your neighbors to have driveway envy! 

Seal Coating

We provide both residential and commercial seal coating services. Seal coating your asphalt pavement is crucial to ensuring long lasting durability.